11 Directions for the Growth and Professional Development of a Programmer

A few months ago, I spent a week on a collective twitter account on mobile development, and the topic of one of the days was professional growth. Since the topic aroused interest and response from the audience, I decided to collect information in a more detailed material.

How to Make a Bot that Turns a Photo into a Comic Book

At the request of the workers, I finally gathered my thoughts and decided to gash a series of short and almost step-by-step instructions. Today we will choose the architecture of our neural network, test it and collect our first dataset for training.

We are Finalizing Yandex. Station to Watch YouTube

On Yandex.Stations, it’s inconvenient to watch YouTube. There are no recommendations, subscriptions and even the search does not work normally. Therefore, I wrote a Telegram bot to send any video to it.

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