The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 325 developer (on December 2 - 8)

A new digest about cross-platform development, about the best applications of 2019, about minimalism in design and dark themes, about the prospects of AR-glasses, libraries and even the color of 2020.

This article is an open letter from an ordinary Android developer to the community at large and to Google’s management. In short: my developer account on Google Play was demolished within an hour after ten years of good cooperation.Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses in development, test your skills and share what projects you are working on and which languages, tools, technologies and platforms you prefer.

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(+28) Flutter. Part 2. For iOS developers
(+15) FigmaGen: Automation of styles in iOS-application
(+11) We understand UICollectionViewLayout on the example of Photos App
The best apps and games of 2019 on the App Store
Vacations on the App Store: from December 23 to 27
UIKit + SwiftUI! How to add SwiftUI components to UIView?
Introducing Apple Core ML 3 - Creating Deep Learning Models for iPhone
Complete Guide to Property Wrapper in Swift 5
Database Abstraction Layer for iOS
How to use subscriptions with GraphQL, Apollo iOS SDK and Swift
IOS license plate recognition and recognition
How to create a music player application (Audio & Background Play)
Function Switching Architecture
Cards: cards from the App Store
CollectionViewSlantedLayout: The Beauty of the Tilt
5 iOS libraries that will make your application's UI really beautiful
8 amazing SwiftUI libraries to use in your next project
5 iOS libraries to enhance your application
Top 5 popular iOS libraries in November


(+22) How Java 8 is supported in Android
(+10) We write a simple Magisk module for Android
(+8) Vivaldi for Android: one beta is good, and the second is better
(+5) Testing Android applications using Selenoid. Search location in a mobile app using Appium
Google releases Android Game SDK
Kotlin Courses at JetBrains Academy
The best apps and games for Android 2019 on Google Play
Conducting View
Brave new Android world with AssistedInject
Test everything with Kotlin
Improving the UI performance of your Android application
BIGCASH removed from PLAY STORE on false charges
Android gRPC Beginner's Guide
Phantom Types in Kotlin
How to support themes in custom View
LiquidSwipe: liquid swipe for Android
Top 5 most popular Android libraries in November


(+35) Procedural roads in Houdini and Unity
(+22) Python in Mobile development
(+20) Comparison of React Native and Flutter in terms of their application in real projects
(+12) Flutter: draw text along a circle
(+11) How to write an application from scratch? Where to start a beginner? Flutter / Programming
(+9) Unity, ECS, Actors: how to raise FPS in your game ten times, when there’s nothing to optimize
(+9) MVC in Unity with Scriptable Objects. Part 2
(+6) Automatically adding JSON sources to REFL.ME to generate messages and notifications
(+1) Optimization of the interface in Unity without code
Podlodka # 140: Artificial Intelligence
Flutter Dev Podcast # 9: CI / CD - Jenkins, Bitrise, Codemagic
JetBrains introduced Space for Team Workspace
“Classic Blue” - 2020 color
We are going through technical interviews: what are they asking at large IT companies?
Design annotations will make your developers happier
Non-recoverable costs: when is it worth quitting a project?
How to control application development
Minimalism in design is alive and never dies
Design a dark theme wisely: notes, instructions and examples for interface designers
Put yourself in the place of the user and understand it: what emotions will help the designer to design a responsive interface
Video Mobile Era 2019
Drawing smooth lines with Cocos2dx
Do you really need a backend for your mobile application?
5 cool bookstore user interfaces
The most copied StackOverflow snippet of all time has vulnerabilities!
Key Mobile UX Trends for 2020
List of programming games to practice and improve your skills
Best APIs and SDKs for chat development in 2020
Cosmic: UI / UX Learning
Text recognition with Firebase ML Kit on iOS and Android
Here's what a successful app developer routine looks like

Analytics, marketing and monetization

(+9) Global VPN report on mobile devices in 2019
Duolingo raised $ 30 million with a valuation of $ 1.5 billion.
Craigslist takes 21st century
Chefclub: simple recipes
Added messenger to Google Photos
ASOdesk Launches StoreConsole Beta
A / B testing of advertising campaigns has appeared in myTarget
Putin signed a law on preinstalling Russian software
3 sources of traffic for e-commerce that will pleasantly surprise you: Joom case and Rocket10
New version of the Appbooster platform
Why we refused to monetize the Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

AI, Devices, IoT

(+72) Smart TVs Samsung, LG, Vizio and TCL every second take “fingerprints” of the screen and send to the server
(+18) Direct VPN tunnel between two computers located behind NAT providers
(+4) Not only smart speakers. TOP 7 non-obvious, but promising IoT solutions
Qualcomm president plans that soon glasses will replace smartphones
Niantic and Qualcomm working together on AR glasses

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