Habr-analysis: what users order as a gift from Habr

Have you noticed that December is already on the calendar? You are probably almost ready for the celebration, bought gifts, participated in Habra-ADM and stocked up tangerines. Naturally, every Habra user wants to not only give, but also receive something for the new year. And since each of us is quite picky, we often order gifts ourselves.

Including we order gifts from Habr. Moreover, a whole year without interruptions. Let's see what we ordered this year and what we have already received from this. And also, what else can we get.

So, the most complete list of what users asked Habr for this year. Let's get started!


This year was notable for the almost monthly AMA with Habr. And, of course, instead of simply asking questions about something, about everything and about nothing, the Habr community used the opportunity to ask for something of their own. In addition, there were several posts with announcements of changes to the site, which suffered a similar fate.

There are 15 such posts (their full list is under the spoiler), and comments on them are 3,596. Someone just had to read them all. Why not me?

Short statistics

In total, 114 desires were identified, which can be divided into 7 categories: tape (15), posts (24), comments (13), mobile version (12), tracker (4), voting (14) and so on (32). Of these 114 wishes:

- 8x completed (✓);
- 9x rejected (☓);
- 12x are not planned at the moment;
- 10x partially completed or in progress;
- 3 were "recorded" by the administration;
- 72x were left with unknown status.

Fig. 1. Desires of users of Habr

Details (to Fig. 1)
Tab. S1. Desires of users of Habr
CategoryTotal(✓)(☓)Not plannedPartially / in progressRecordedUnknown status
mobile version12201108


01. Tape

Global sort
01 - Include the weekend in the "Best of the Day" Monday;
✓ - Separate news from posts;
02 - Separate posts on events / conferences / meetings;

Personal Sort
03 - The best posts for a certain date / period;
04 - Personal recommendations / smart tape;
05 - Ability to hide read posts;

Black Lists ( Status: Not Planned )
06 - Translations;
07 - Author posts;
08 - Company posts;
09 - Posts from hubs;
10 - Sandbox;

Administration Position
Blacklist functionality is not planned yet.

Boomburum from 09/27/2019

11 - “Download more” button for news on the main page (without the need to go to the news page);
12 - Small KDPV news;
13 - Show articles with a big minus paler (similar to comments with minuses);
14 - Voting optimization for screen readers ( description );
✓ - Add News to the switch "Best - Everything in a row - By subscription - News"; (Added: 12/10/2019) (Updated: 12/12/2019)
A comment
News has become closer in innovations from 12/12/2019

02. Posts

Publishing and Editing
01 - New editor; ( Status: In progress )
02 - Keep Markdown selection when writing new articles;
03 - Epigraph tag;
04 - Centering the text;
05 - Unicode in the text;
06 - Display the number of subscribers of the hub, when selecting them for publication;
07 - Notification “The article did not pass moderation” and transfer to drafts (not deletion) for the sandbox;

08 - Cross-links Ru / En ;
09 - Badge for cross-posts (as for transfers);
10 - Display of content behind the link (similar to Wikipedia);
11 - Built-in functionality for a series of articles;
12 - Powershell syntax highlighting;
13 - Warning about the number and size of images under the spoiler / after <cut /> ;

Reading and errors
14 - Fight against click-beit headers; (Status: Partially)

Life hack
The user can complain about each post (a button with an exclamation mark in the same footer as voting for the post rating) and indicate the title of the complaint

✓ - Report errors to the author;
15 - Simplification of error messages (not through a separate message in the dialogs);
16 - Shortcut for quoting a piece of post (as for errors);

Co-Editing ( Status: Not Planned )
17 - Joint editing of articles;
18 - Collective translation of articles;
19 - Git articles;

Last comment
We have this task in the backlog (it was offered back in the 4th straight line), but since then it has not yet been included in the development plan :(

As an option (which I use myself) - prepare a draft publication in GoogleDocs, which is much more convenient for teamwork. And then through the converter already publish the article. Something like this.

Boomburum on 03/12/2019

Ordering posts and organization
20 - Requests for articles;
21 - Requests for translation;
☓ - Post-answers ;
22 - Post reviews; ( Status: Not Planned )


Publishing and Editing
✓ - Increase editing time;
01 - Delete comments;
02 - Add a link to hsto.org in the add comment window ;
03 - Counter “can be commented through” for negative karma;
04 - Separate rules for commenting on political posts (more stringent);
05 - Separate rules for commenting on their posts for minded ones (less stringent);

06 - Sort by rating; ( Status: Not Planned )
07 - Sort by time;
✓ - Collapse comment branches; (Updated: 12.19.2019)

A comment
The function partially works in the mobile version of Habr

09 - Comments on premoderation are poorly highlighted;
10 - Show comment levels not only on hover;
11 - Auto-update comments with the status of “added”;
12 - Notes about the user when hovering over a nickname; ( Status: Recorded )
13 - Navigation by comments (for example, transition to the next top-level comment); (Posted: 12/10/2019)

04. Mobile version

01 - Tracker;
02 - Sandbox;
03 - Editing posts / drafts;
04 - Editing comments;
✓ - Moderation of comments Read & Comment; (Updated: 12/09/2019)
✓ - Go to previous / next comment;
06 - Error message in the publication; ( Status: Not Planned )

Administration Position
Until we do this on the mobile version. We want to see how it goes on the desktop.

One of the solutions, when highlighting text on a mobile, is to show an icon, such as all kinds of translator extensions.

de_arnst from 02.22.2019

07 - TeX formulas; (Status: Partially)
08 - The ability to immediately go to the comments on the news;
09 - Editing panel for comments;
10 - Markdown;
✓ - Dialogs;

05. Tracker

01 - Notifications of responses to your comments;
✓ - Do not show in the tracker the subscription of the one you are following;
02 - Notification of the mention of your article (as with @ username);
03 - Comments from Read & Comment; ( Status: In progress )

06. Voting

✓ - Duration of voting;
01 - Voice Cancellation; ( Status: Recorded )
02 - Cancel voice with a time limit; ( Status: Recorded )
☓ - Do not show rating before voting;

Administration Position
As for the rating of publications - earlier it was hidden, we opened it and users asked to leave it like that :)

Boomburum from 09/27/2019

03 - Mandatory reason for voting; (Status: Partial / In progress)
04 - Multiple choice of the cause of the minus;
05 - New reasons for the minuses for posts;

06 - Non-anonymous vote;
☓ - Voting for comments / posts Read & Comment;

Administration Position
No, of course, otherwise what will be their difference from full accounts?

Boomburum from 01/22/2019

07 - Allow to put a minus only with karma 10+;
08 - Paid vote if karma is negative;
☓ - Combining karma / rating;

Administration Position
... we do not plan to unite - these are two indicators that exist independently of each other. Rating is a dynamic indicator that depends on the activity of the user on the site (and it decreases in case of inactivity), while karma is a kind of abstract indicator of the usefulness / adequacy of users formed by other active participants of the site.

Boomburum from 02.22.2019

☓ - Automatic zeroing of negative karma (+1 per day);

Administration Position
Someone does not pay attention to negative karma, someone - if it interferes, can reset it at any time (although only once). The rest is a complication of mechanics :)

Boomburum on 03/12/2019

09 - Karmageddon; ( Status: Not Planned )

07. Other

01 - Advanced Search;
02 - Bookmarks;
03 - Comments;
04 - Sandbox;
05 - Translations; ( Status: Partial / In progress )

A comment
Search by author name works

PAP and Donat
06 - PAP for the English-speaking Habr; (Status: In progress)
07 - New methods of PAP; ( Status: In progress )
08 - New donation methods; (Status: In progress)
09 - Donat button in user profile;
10 - Donates through Habra account;
11 - Donuts from the balance of the PAP;

12 - Improvement of Habr-documentation;
13 - MP4, SVG at hsto.org ;
14 - Custom hotkeys;
15 - Dark theme;
16 - The clever parser of links inside Habr;
17 - Increase the number of elements in RSS;
18 - Sort bookmarks;
19 - An endless list of bookmarks;
20 - Export articles from bookmarks;
21 - AutoCorrect internal links from mobile to desktop version;
22 - The ability to fold the spoiler at the end, not only at the beginning;
✓ - Confirmation of the action when issuing an invite;
☓ - Hide the login of the issuer of the invite;

Administration Position
Information about the "parent" is quite important, we will not hide it.

Boomburum from 02.22.2019

☓ - When deleting users and their articles, do not delete the comments of other users;

Administration Position
In principle, there was already an argument about additional difficulties for moderators, and a colleague answered about rights. But I’ll touch upon another aspect: “Sometimes it happens that a user was deleted, and with it his articles” - I haven’t seen any cases of user deletion (if we are talking directly about the author-user, and not about some robber Cossack with rights read & comment ignoring resource rules). If something disappears, then the material is hidden in drafts - often by decision of the author himself, sometimes by decision of the moderator (which means there were reasons, for example, violation of the rules) or the regulator. III supposedly in the comments on these articles was something really useful ...? ) It seems to me that the situation, if not far-fetched, is sooooo rare. And for the sake of complicating the site’s mechanism, it hardly makes sense. In other words, you can spend a lot of time on the implementation of Wishlist, but there will be no profit from it.

Boomburum from 07/03/2019

☓ - A separate domain for the sandbox;
Administration Position
What's the point? :)

Boomburum on 03/12/2019

☓ - Mobile application;

Administration Position
As already mentioned above, we no longer support the mobile application.

Boomburum from 12/02/2019

23 - The order of messages in the dialogs, description ;
24 - Not everything is translated into En version of the site, description ;

Communication with the administration of Habr
25 - Release notes from Habr;
26 - Section with ideas for improving Habr and voting;
27 - Feedback similar to dialogs (see receiving status and responses);

Instead of a conclusion

Of course, not all suggestions and wishes of users were commented on by the administration, but some were immediately put into practice. Some of them did not receive answers from other users, and some received too many answers.

Some of these wishes have remained on Habré for many years and will never be fulfilled, and some have appeared recently. But now, during the month of the worldwide compilation of lists, it's time to compile this one.

I know that I might have missed something or not noticed, and besides, I studied only 15 main posts. This applies to both wishes and their fulfillment. So I’m happy to add or correct it as soon as I get more information.

I hope you found your desire on this list. There is a chance that it will come true very soon. Thanks for attention!

PS If you find typos or errors in the text, please let me know. This can be done by highlighting part of the text and pressing " Ctrl / ⌘ + Enter ", if you have Ctrl / ⌘, or through private messages . If both options are not available, write about errors in the comments. Thanks!

PPS Perhaps you will be interested also in my other studies of Habr or you want to suggest your topic for the next publication, or maybe even a new series of publications.
Where to find the list and how to make an offer
All information can be found in a special Habra detective repository. There you can find out which proposals have already been voiced, and what is already in progress.

In addition, you can mention me (by writing VaskivskyiYe ) in the comments on a publication that you find interesting for research or analysis. Thanks to Lolohaev for this idea.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/479226/

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