News from the world of OpenStreetMap No. 488 (11/19/2019 - 11/25/2019)

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  • The kreuzschnabel user assumes that the recommendation contained in WikiOSM regarding the use of the bridge=yes/no tag is mapping for rendering, since it is proposed to add the bridge name via the name= tag rather than assign the name of the road to the bridge. However, most likely, this was added to the article in 2012 . The man_made=bridge tag, to which the name= tag belongs, seems to have been added in 2013 .


  • On November 26, the GeoChicas project celebrated its third birthday. On the map you can see countries in which there are participants in this project. GeoChicas aims to raise awareness of gender gaps that exist in OpenStreetMap.
  • The OSM community in Latin America has published a video from the SotM Latam conference, which recently took place in Encarnacion, Paraguay.
  • In connection with the closure of the Juno-based raid-sharing company, which was based in Belarus, Ilya Zverev and several other developers were transferred to Lyft , part of the OSM Foundation. However, in turn, this led to the fact that Ilya was asked to remove one of his posts on the SHTOSM personal blog. As Ilya explained, Lyft's employment contract restricts personal blogging without company permission. We hope this is a temporary difficulty.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • Heather Leson summarized his two-year work on the OSM Foundation Board on her personal blog. From her post, you can learn about management, strategic planning in the OSM ecosystem or its absence, as well as public health and male toxicity.
  • The user of Imagico, like last year, decided to analyze the OSM Foundation members by country, using the ratio of the number of Foundation members to the number of daily active editors. The results of the study are not much different from 2018. Moreover, the highest rates are noted in English-speaking countries and other countries of Western Europe. But in general, there are some trends towards the appearance of diversity. Imagico hopes the Fee waiver program under discussion will accelerate this process. The study is based on data from the OSM Foundation Membership Working Group and Pascal Neiss Services Statistics.


  • State of the Map Africa 2019 conference organizers tweeted a video from the opening.
  • User Kleper posted on his blog a brief overview of the State of the Map Latam 2019 conference, which was held November 14-16 in Encarnacion, Paraguay.
  • On December 9, the 6th Vienna Geo Meetup will be held in Heidelberg, Germany, where a report on the use of vector data on the website and speeches about the State of the Map 2019 conference in Heidelberg are expected. In addition, it is planned to hold a cardboard organized by the non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders.
  • Geonews announces a second meeting between OSM mappers and The meeting took place on December 4.

Humanitarian OSM

  • Under the slogan #MaptheDifference, the HOT non-profit organization began raising funds for the 2020 microgrant program, namely for 6 specific projects and to the general fund.


  • Terence Eden posted on his blog a guide to creating a map using the OpenLayers service, which is turned south and made in the projection of Peters .

We pass to OSM

  • Like many other sports apps or portals, Polar Flow now also uses OpenStreetMap. Among the reasons for the choice, among other things, are noted “more detailed data” and “better paths”.


  • Guillaume Richard warns that 308 satellite imagery or map sources for OSM editors such as iD and JOSM do not have known licenses. Can you help find some of them?


  • Java WebStart, which was used to launch the JOSM editor without installation, can now be replaced by OpenWebStart .


  • The other day, MapOSMatic servers were to be updated. The main reason is the update of Mapnik'a to version 3.0.22, which in turn means that finally SVG vector templates will be included in rendered PDF maps as truly vector data, and not converted first from raster images of sufficiently low resolution .
  • On November 17, a new version of Leaflet 1.6.0 was released. . Bug fixes and minor improvements.

Did you know …

  • ... that on the OpenStreetBrowser card you can find data related to Christmas, such as Christmas trees or Christmas markets?
  • ... that on the Soup Map you can see who eats what soups in different parts of Europe?
  • ... that not so long ago, the list of services that use OSM data was updated in WikiOSM? We draw your attention to the interesting resource Historic Place .
  • ... about the OpenRailwayMap service? This site, which is based on OSM, is actively discussed on the rails_dev mailing list .
  • ... about the OsmInEdit editor, with which you can map rooms? At the SotM conference in Heidelberg, a report was dedicated to this JavaScript editor .

OSM in the media

  • “Projects like Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap, and the open source software world are the constructive tools I hoped to get from the Internet,” writes Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

Other “geo” events

  • Jeff Boeing of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles has developed the open source OSMnx software package. It helps city planners create maps. The tool uses OpenstreetMap as a basis of maps.
  • Minecraft Earth - an OSM-based augmented reality game is now available in Western Europe as an early access version.
  • According to one study , emergency services can cut costs and save time by using satellite data in near real time with a number of other tools to make decisions in the event of a flood.

Communication of Russian OpenStreetMap participants is in the Telegram chat room and on the forum . There are also groups on social networks VKontakte , Facebook , but they mainly publish news.

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